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Laura is a Certified Master Hand Analyst and has read over 1100 hands, having trained with Richard Unger, respected founder of the  International Institute of Hand Analysis, author of “Lifeprints”. She has been a practising RN for over 30 years with a BScNursing. Laura’s personal path is one of self examination, discovery, growth, healing, wholeness and freedom – she is a healer, a Jikiden reiki practitioner and believes in a higher power. She finds Hand Analysis the most in-depth and incisive tool for illuminating one’s soul that she has experienced. Laura is also a Certified Clearing Coach, trained by Sandy Levey. The Clearing Process – a process which generates acceptance, compassion and relief from animosity, shame and blame of self and others – is a powerful healing tool to remove barriers, recover one’s freedom and thus experience one’s life purpose. In Laura’s words, “Hand Analysis lights up my desire to serve and help you be the ‘best’ you can be. The Clearing Process helps me and you reconnect to source and to love.” 

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