Your unique Life Purpose is found in the map of your fingerprints. From your prints Laura will help you understand your life from a Life Purpose Perspective.

The LIFE PURPOSE PACKAGE is for those who want the most complete and powerful understanding of their individual life path. It includes an ONE hour Life Purpose reading where you will identify: what have you come here to do and be in this lifetime, where are you now on your journey, what is holding you back, what is your next step, PLUS an ONE hour Follow-Up session that gives you a deeper understanding about how your personality and relationship style complement your life direction.

LIFE PURPOSE PACKAGE (LPP) FEE: $249.00 for (two) 1 hour sessions. Includes Fingerprint Chart / Hand Prints / Recording


Readings may be added after your LIFE PURPOSE PACKAGE to discuss how unique markers in your hands give further direction and clarification of your life purpose.

AHA FEE: $125.00 for (one) 1 hour session

Hand Reading Circles

Mini hand readings in the comfort of your home or office (minimum 10 people).

Includes a 60 minute Life Purpose Initial Consultation for the host/hostess (to be done at a separate time).

Contact Laura Gibson @ or 604 916 4813 to discuss details.


In order to live a life of deep satisfaction and freedom and realize our unique life purpose we often need to let go of behaviours, feelings and negative thoughts which no longer serve our higher good. 

William Shakespeare’s Hamlet said: “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so…”.


The CLEARING is a process (adapted from Sandy Levey) which allows us to shed limiting beliefs and thoughts so that we may fully experience freedom and live our life purpose.

Laura is a Certified Clearing Coach, trained by Sandy Levey. Laura’s sensitivity and life long experience in healing will safely guide you through the Clearing Process to find freedom, presence and joy!


CLEARING COACHING – INTIAL (CCI) consists of (one) 3 hour session, which includes:
1) Identifying the event, trauma, story – How this felt and what it meant to you then and now.
2) How your story colours your thoughts and beliefs – the lens through which you perceive yourself and others
3) Forgiveness, which makes space for the presence of love. Forgiveness does not mean we condone the behaviours which occurred but rather, then, we release ourselves and others from any animosity stemming from past activities.

CCI FEE: $240.OO for (one) 3 hour session


These are optional clearing sessions (lasting 1 to 2 hours each) and the content will be determined after your initial clearing.

CCFU FEE: $80.00 per one hour.

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