I invited Laura to facilitate a hand-reading circle with about 11 of my curious friends on Summer Solstice. Each of us received a mini session where we all learned something intriguing and validating about ourselves. It really is the most fun and soulful way to get to know your friends! As hostess, I received a private complimentary reading and came away feeling confident of my chosen life path, freedom in knowing my life purpose and that all I have to do is listen to my intuition. I highly recommend hosting a hand reading party by Laura. She is a Master Hand Analyst and it shows in her work. She expertly guides the session with tangible examples to help you understand each element of your soul’s purpose and personality. She’s a gem to work with!

Quincilia Siah

Professional Organizer

“It has been pivotal in my life to have met Laura and choosing the complete Life Purpose Package, which included various sessions with her. It has been a life changing, inspirational and very meaningful experience that I can recommend to anyone. Laura has given me a clear insight in my life purpose and personality and how to use this to find more fulfilment and happiness in life. I am very thankful for her excellent and detailed analysis of who I am and how to make the best of life.”


“I believe the hand analysis that Laura conducts is a wonderful tool to help you understand yourself.”

Sharyn Collis

“Laura holds a wonderful gift and knowledge to explore ones journey of personal development. I would highly recommend her to other coaches in my profession”.

Deb Browne

Senior Business Coach for Canada/USA

Thank you very much for the Clearing Coaching Session. It was very interesting, insightful and helped a lot in dealing with and clearing traumatic events of the past. The whole process was very organized and I really appreciated your caring support during the process. Thank you so much again.


“Your reading was remarkable in its accuracy.”


“Initially, I was not confident that it could have any real value, but your insight into my core issues, personality traits and potential steps to improve the quality of my life were remarkably accurate. I appreciate your taking the time to share this unique gift of yours”.

David Brady

MFA DavidBradyProductions

“I found the reading very interesting and very accurate. I was in such awe.”


“ Thanks again for digging up that recording. It has given me reason to push myself more to fulfil my life purpose.”

Ken Wilton

“I received what Laura called a mini reading, but there was nothing ‘mini’ about her ability to read me. Her insights into my soul, my life, and my personality were so accurate they gave me goosebumps. I’d never heard of hand analysis before, but I’m glad I tried it and I highly recommend her work.”


Lisa Voisin

Technical Communicator | Author | Meditation Teacher

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